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Oh hell yeah

Phase 3 complete. Phase 4 at 60%. I estimate another four to six hours' work in total, assuming no further rewrites. Which means I might even be able to get back on RTH and catch Adstring tags tomorrow. And maybe sleep all day on Saturday instead of Sunday. That'd be so nice.

Hopes I should not have them.
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eeee! Good luck! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* (<cheerleading) (by the way, a heads-up, we got in a new adoption request today; if you ARE able to poke in your head tomorrow just to glance at that thread, which hopefully will have an answer from someone who looks like a pretty easy "yes", that'd be great)
I should be able to do at least some stuff tonight :).
Good luck with it. ^^ I hope it's not too hard?
It's mostly hard because it's so much work over such a short span of time. But it's kind of... satisfying, y'know?
What sort of work is it? ...Hard things can be the most satisfying, I guess, because the accomplishment feels more worthwhile when you have to work for it?
Something like? It's all rewriting work and normally I hate rewriting like fiery fire because it feels like digging at my own brain, but having a deadline for it and doing it in stages with quotas and stuff turns it from a horrible teeth-pulling chore into something that's full of little yay moments. I recommend the method ;).
Stages and quotas sounds organized, at least. Because it's broken down into parts, it doesn't seem like one big mass of donotwant? But it's done/almost done?
Yup! And yes it is practically done. The paper is anyway, now I'm doing the whole revision letter thing...