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In the meantime

I tried to this ten favorite characters meme and realized that oh man it's hard. I'm very fond of a lot of characters, but picking up ten that are really my very absolute favoritest is Something Complerely Different. I've managed to come up with a list of ten who are, in one way or another, special to me, but it's like pending revision forever.

They are, sort of in order:

1. Werner Locksmith (Planetes)
2. Romana, both of her (Doctor Who)
3. Feanor (The Silmarillion)
4. The Fourth Doctor (Doctor Who)
5. Roj Blake (Blake's 7)
6. Steel (Sapphire & Steel)
7. Sapphire (Sapphire & Steel)
8. Dominique Francon (The Fountainhead)
9. Hagan Gebicung (Attila's Treasure)
10. Delenn (Babylon 5)

(I'm kind of in a bind about the last two, because I love them, but they aren't special like the others. Don't be asking me what that means.)

... I have no idea what they have in common. Like at all.
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