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My life post-paper

It's quite appropriate that Ikki Tousen seems to have Grown the Beard with the focus switching to Kan'u. The first two episodes of Dragon Destiny were better than all of Battle Vixens put together. How I'm supposed to choose my allegiance between Love-Me-I'm-Stupid, Crazy Awesome and WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE is beyond me, although I suppose Hakufu is out of the running for having the lamest supporting cast. Kakouton can take both Kan'u and Chouhi pretty much single-handedly in this department, but Kaku's presence isn't buying Sousou any favors here and it remains to be seen how the scales might tip when Chou'un and Zhuge Loli Koumei finally show up. I hear neither of them even gets any panty shots.

Raging headache rages, for no apparent reason. No energy to do anything but watch me some fanservice. Adstring beach event a sparkling success with dolphins on top. I need to do more writing. Perhaps shall play scenes from a hat with random characters. No idea what I'll hand in for ICon as a lecture proposal tomorrow oh god.

Why am I still awake?
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