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Yeah I'm about due some RP related bitchings.

Oh god I don't want to get involved, please don't make me get involved. I don't get LJ RP politics, we never had anything like that on my messageboard RP. Come to think of it we never had it on Untold Tales or Deities either. It's like a whole different scene and the scene is wanky. And intimidating and confusing, and I just don't get people and their making secrets instead of talking to the community or the whole cliques thing or, um, yeah, I don't... okay yes there is some of that going on. With Al. But. Seriously. You can't ask people not to enjoy playing with each other, and, if there are so many players feeling excluded why don't they play with each other? I don't get it. And I can't read between the lines, I don't read people's LJs, I don't have time to go on AIM and I'm not in any other games, and guys, I am so lost.

I should just stay away.

You know, I kind of used to feel that way pretty badly? With the whole nooooooo why don't I get tags why aren't I popular thing? And lately, since just before the drop, I've thought about it more seriously and I sort of realized that this attitude was the reason why, no matter how awesome things were, I was constantly borderline unhappy on Ads? Because instead of focusing on writing, real character relationships and character voice, I was always wanting people to react and worried about comment count. And that was idiotic. So I dropped Julie because I've only really brought her in to socialize and I dropped Jotaro because it was basically me just waiting for people to react to the character's Rich Inner Life and I stayed with Saul who has a very clear voice and the beginning of a complex, profound relationship just of the sort I knew I should focus on and... well, it's a lot less stressful to begin with. I'm still not sure it'll work, but it's such a good game, I don't know... I feel as though I've lost something in regard to RP, and I don't know how to get it back.

The point being, I don't get it and mod or not I don't want to be involved. And maybe I should wise up to the modding thing not being such a good idea.
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