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My list of woes:

DISCLAIMER: None of the things noted below, barring perhaps the second, is really in any way important. The only important thing is that the paper revision is going pretty well.

1. I will never actually be happy until I realize LJ RP is not a popularity contest it's like I don't exist.

2. If I had any sense in my head I'd announce a hiatus from RTH or at least step down from the Council, but what's the point of doing that just until July?


4. Playing Dynasty Warriors is spoiling me for all other sorts of stress release.

5. I do not yet have an ICon lecture. I have not yet contacted Keren about my Fantasycon lecture. I have no time to contemplate eithet tragedies.

6. All of the above mentioned things are, in fact, much worse than my tone makes them sound.

7. But I don't really have woes because there is no me, there is only paper revisions.

8. Oh god why isn't it the 30th.
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