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Random observations while recovering from tuberculosis:

1. So imagine that you've just published that novel and now you have a fandom and everything is twee and then suddenly someone decides that they're channeling your hero in the astral plane, whether for reincarnation or marriage purposes. What do you do?

2. Am I the only one who blinked then yawned and went for a sandwich when she heard about Torchnarok? Am I? Guys? anyone?

3. Dynasty Warriors: the Movie The Western release of Red Cliff was frickin awesome, man, it was really really awesome. And I think I roll better with the concept of Zhuggers as this brilliant young upstart with a permanent serene smile than with the admittedly much more do-me-Kongming (oh the goatee *fans self lol*) game version. Is there a do-me-Kongming community yet?

4. You lying liars. Facebook isn't actually any fun at all!

The rest escapes me. Anyway, I don't actually have tuberculosis. Maybe pig flu. If I'm done hacking up lungs by tomorrow I might like, return to the living world after all. Maybe. Hopes, hopes...
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