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I made this Doctor thing...

Alright, you lot: my thesis research is go. Yes it is about Who. Yes it does have a survey. Yes I would like you to go fill it. And friend the journal for followup while you're at it, I guess, if you're into that kind of thing.

The journal is lifeonravolox. The first entry that explains everything is here.

More importantly - I would like to ask you very very nicely to spread the word of this. Just, randomly link it in your LJ or whatnot. Part of the research is supposed to be finding out how people get to the survey - mapping pathways of information, as it were. So if you can be really very nice and link it in your El Jays or post about to Who-related communities and all that, I'll um, do something nice for you. Like a picspam. Or porn. Or just the warm and fuzzy knowledge that you've contributed to the worthy cause of fandom research.

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